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Best Streaming options to Watch Super Rugby Pacific 2024: When does it start, how to watch

Super Rugby Pacific In 2024, the Super Rugby will launch a new Pacific division that will feature teams from Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island nations.

The revised format does not include any teams from Argentina, Japan, or South Africa.

This new competition format follows the Super Rugby AU 2020 and the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman series in 2021 that were also impacted by COVID.

The Super Rugby Pacific Season 2023 is about to begin. All USA Rugby supporters are eager to learn more about Television Guide. The best way to watch Super Rugby live in the USA is shown below.

Super Rugby Live

GameCrusaders vs Chiefs | CRU v CHI
VenueFMG Stadium Waikato
Date & time24 February 2024
TelevisionSKY Sports & Foxtel Now

When does Super Rugby Pacific 2024 start?

The Super Rugby competition will begin on 24 February 2024 with the regular season to finish May 29, 2024.

The final will be played on June 18, 2024.

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Who are the teams in Super Rugby Pacific 2024?

Twelve teams are taking part in the new competition, with all sides put in one pool, rather than split into different geographic conferences.

The clubs for 2024 are:

  • Western Force
  • Queensland Reds
  • NSW Waratahs
  • Moana Pasifika
  • Rebels
  • Hurricanes
  • Highlanders
  • Fijian Drua
  • Crusaders
  • Chiefs
  • Brumbies
  • Blues

Moana Pasifika and the Fijian Drua are the tournament’s two latest additions.

Link: watch the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific season online

Super Rugby Fixtures


Date TeamVenueKick Off
Friday 24 FebruaryCrusaders vs ChiefsOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch19:05
Friday 24 FebruaryWaratahs vs BrumbiesAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:35
Saturday 25 FebruaryMoana Pasifika vs Fijian DruaMt Smart Stadium, Auckland16:35
Saturday 25 FebruaryHighlanders vs BluesForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin19:05
Saturday 25 FebruaryReds vs HurricanesQueensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville21:45
Sunday 26 FebruaryForce vs RebelsHBF Park, Perth0:00


Date TeamVenueKick Off
Friday 3 MarchCrusaders vs HighlandersAAMI Park, Melbourne20:00
Friday 3 MarchRebels vs HurricanesAAMI Park, Melbourne22:10
Saturday 4 MarchMoana Pasifika vs ChiefsAAMI Park, Melbourne19:05
Saturday 4 MarchFijian Drua vs WaratahsAAMI Park, Melbourne21:45
Sunday 5 MarchBlues vs BrumbiesAAMI Park, Melbourne16:00
Sunday 5 MarchForce vs RedsAAMI Park, Melbourne18:30


Date TeamVenueKick Off
Friday 10 MarchChiefs vs HighlandersFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton19:05
Friday 10 MarchRebels vs WaratahsAAMI Park, Melbourne21:35
Saturday 11 MarchFijian Drua vs CrusadersFiji16:35
Saturday 11 MarchHurricanes vs BluesSky Stadium, Wellington19:05
Saturday 11 MarchBrumbies vs RedsGIO Stadium, Canberra21:45
Sunday 12 MarchForce vs Moana PasifikaHBF Park, Perth0:00


Date TeamVenueKick Off
Friday 17 MarchHurricanes vs WaratahsSky Stadium, Wellington19:05
Saturday 18 MarchChiefs vs RebelsFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton16:35
Saturday 18 MarchBlues vs CrusadersEden Park, Auckland19:05
Saturday 18 MarchBrumbies vs Moana PasifikaGIO Stadium, Canberra21:45
Sunday 19 MarchHighlanders vs ForceRugby Park, Invercargill15:35
Sunday 19 MarchReds vs Fijian DruaSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane18:00


Date TeamVenueKick Off
Friday 24 MarchCrusaders vs BrumbiesOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch19:05
Friday 24 MarchWaratahs vs ChiefsAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:35
Saturday 25 MarchHighlanders vs Fijian DruaForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin16:35
Saturday 25 MarchMoana Pasifika vs HurricanesMt Smart Stadium, Auckland19:05
Saturday 25 MarchRebels vs RedsAAMI Park, Melbourne21:45
Sunday 26 MarchBlues vs ForceEden Park, Auckland15:35


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 31 MarchMoana Pasifika vs HighlandersMt Smart Stadium, Auckland19:05
Friday 31 MarchReds vs CrusadersSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane21:35
Saturday 1 AprilFijian Drua vs RebelsFiji16:35
Saturday 1 AprilChiefs vs BluesFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton19:05
Saturday 1 AprilBrumbies vs WaratahsGIO Stadium, Canberra21:45
Sunday 2 AprilHurricanes vs ForceTBC15:35


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 7 AprilCrusaders vs Moana PasifikaOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch19:05
Friday 7 AprilReds vs BrumbiesSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane21:35
Saturday 8 AprilHighlanders vs HurricanesForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin19:05
Saturday 8 AprilRebels vs BluesAAMI Park, Melbourne21:45
Bye: Chiefs, Force, Waratahs, Fijian Drua


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 14 AprilMoana Pasifika vs RedsTBC19:05
Friday 14 AprilBrumbies vs Fijian DruaGIO Stadium, Canberra21:35
Saturday 15 AprilHurricanes vs ChiefsSky Stadium, Wellington19:05
Saturday 15 AprilWaratahs vs ForceAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:45
Bye: Blues, Crusaders, Highlanders, Rebels


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 21 AprilChiefs vs Fijian DruaFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton19:05
Friday 21 AprilRebels vs CrusadersAAMI Park, Melbourne21:35
Saturday 22 AprilBlues vs WaratahsEden Park, Auckland19:05
Saturday 22 AprilForce vs HighlandersHBF Park, Perth21:45
Bye: Moana Pasifika, Hurricanes, Brumbies, Reds


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 28 AprilHurricanes vs BrumbiesSky Stadium, Wellington19:05
Friday 28 AprilWaratahs vs HighlandersAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:35
Saturday 29 AprilFijian Drua vs BluesFiji14:05
Saturday 29 AprilMoana Pasifika vs RebelsMt Smart Stadium, Auckland16:35
Saturday 29 AprilChiefs vs CrusadersFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton19:05
Saturday 29 AprilReds vs ForceSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane21:45


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 5 MayHighlanders vs ChiefsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin19:05
Saturday 6 MayFijian Drua vs HurricanesFiji14:05
Saturday 6 MayCrusaders vs ForceOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch16:35
Saturday 6 MayBlues vs Moana PasifikaEden Park, Auckland19:05
Saturday 6 MayReds vs WaratahsQueensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville21:45
Sunday 7 MayRebels vs BrumbiesAAMI Park, Melbourne16:35


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 12 MayChiefs vs RedsFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton19:05
Friday 12 MayForce vs Fijian DruaHBF Park, Perth21:35
Saturday 13 MayHurricanes vs Moana PasifikaSky Stadium, Wellington16:35
Saturday 13 MayCrusaders vs BluesOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch19:05
Saturday 13 MayWaratahs vs RebelsAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:45
Sunday 14 MayBrumbies vs HighlandersGIO Stadium, Canberra16:35


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 19 MayMoana Pasifika vs CrusadersMt Smart Stadium, Auckland19:05
Friday 19 MayReds vs BluesSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane21:35
Saturday 20 MayHighlanders vs RebelsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin16:35
Saturday 20 MayChiefs vs HurricanesFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton19:05
Saturday 20 MayWaratahs vs Fijian DruaAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:45
Sunday 21 MayForce vs BrumbiesHBF Park, Perth0:00


DateTeamVenueKick Off
Friday 26 MayHighlanders vs RedsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin19:05
Friday 26 MayRebels vs ForceAAMI Park, Melbourne21:35
Saturday 27 MayFijian Drua vs Moana PasifikaMoana Pasifika14:05
Saturday 27 MayCrusaders vs WaratahsOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch16:35
Saturday 27 MayBlues vs HurricanesEden Park, Auckland19:05
Saturday 27 MayBrumbies vs ChiefsGIO Stadium, Canberra21:45


DateHome TeamAway TeamVenueKick Off
Friday 2 JuneBlues vs HighlandersHighlandersEden Park, Auckland19:05
Friday 2 JuneBrumbies vs RebelsRebelsGIO Stadium, Canberra21:35
Saturday 3 JuneFijian Drua vs RedsRedsFiji16:35
Saturday 3 JuneHurricanes vs CrusadersCrusadersSky Stadium, Wellington19:05
Saturday 3 JuneWaratahs vs Moana PasifikaMoana PasifikaAllianz Stadium, Sydney21:45
Saturday 4 JuneForce vs ChiefsChiefsHBF Park, Perth0:00

How to watch Super Rugby Pacific 2024

All 91 Super Rugby games will be available to watch live on Stan.

You can sign up for the streaming service here.

The weekly Saturday night match will be simulcast live free-to-air on the Nine Network

Best Streaming options to Watch Super Rugby Pacific 2024

Direct TV:

Several sports bundles are available on DirectTV NOW. They also have a seven-day trial period. Nothing obligates you to begin a contract or do anything else of the sort. They want you to try out what they have to offer, therefore you can cancel your subscription after seven days if you don’t like their services. You can watch TV in the manner of your choice.


If you live in Canada, you may choose from a variety of possibilities with FuboTV, one of the top sports streaming services. It appears that only residents of the United States and its neighboring regions have access to FuboTV. They can only transmit their station using US IP addresses. Benfica TV, beIN Sports Canada, and the fuboTV network are the Canadian stations included in the Canadian basic package.

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