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The Blues will take on the Hurricanes at Mahurangi Rugby Club on Saturday 5 February

Blues vs Hurricanes
Photo by The Daily Rugby

Fans from Northland and North Harbor alongside holidaymakers will actually want to unite on Warkworth for the Blues opening 2022 pre-season Super Rugby game at the Mahurangi Blues Footy Fest.

The Blues will take on the Hurricanes at Mahurangi Rugby Club on Saturday 5 February, with a day of fun exercises arranged.

The match, to be facilitated by Mahurangi Rugby Club and North Harbor Union, will be the main pre-season game in the area, and the Blues trust the Waitangi Weekend match will draw in a lot of fans.

The Blues played similar rivals at Mahurangi in 2018 which saw a major participation for the game.

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This time coordinators are arranging a day of fan exercises in front of the 1.35pm start up. There will be a lot of fun family flows with kid zones, simple access, unrecorded music, fans on field, neighborhood fish and an opener between North Harbor and the Barbarians.

There will likewise be a Wahu Little Blues Ripper competition at half time.

“It is a superb area and the Blues are eager to get our pre-season in progress at Mahurangi. The offices and field are awesome and we want to believe that we can draw in a lot of help as they completed four years prior,” said Blues Head Coach, Leon MacDonald.

“The Mahurangi club is obviously situated on the limit between North Harbor and Northland and there will be a ton of holidaymakers in the locale as of now, so the footy fest energy will offer an incredible day for all.”

Mahurangi Rugby Club director Charmaine Gravatt said the association were anticipating the open door.

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