URBA Top 12 Rugby 2022 : how to watch the 10th date, live and exclusive

URBA Top 12 Rugby

The URBA Top 13 (formerly “Torneo de la URBA”, named “Top 13” since the 2022 season) is an Argentine rugby union club competition organised by the Buenos Aires Rugby Union (URBA). It is the top division of the Argentine rugby league system.

This Saturday the activity continues with the 10th date of the highest division of rugby in Buenos Aires that will have great confrontations that can be enjoyed by the different platforms of ESPN. First of all, from 13.35, in Tortuguitas, Alumni receives the SIC live on Star+, which will also be deferred at 18:00 on ESPN 3.

URBA Top 12 Rugby

Later, from 15.25 and also in Star +, you can enjoy CUBA-Pucará. In turn, from 15.35, Belgrano will receive CASI live on Star+.

On the other hand, in Scrum.com.ar the other three duels of the eighth day of the tournament will be broadcast live, starting at 3:30 p.m.Regatas-Buenos AiresHindu-San Luis and Newman-Los Tilos.

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In addition, for the ninth date of the First A of the URBA, at 16 on Star + and by ESPN Extra live Deportiva Francesa will receive Banco Nación.

URBA Top 12 Rugby 2022 Fixtures

08/06 23:15 17  Alumni vs Cuba
08/06 23:15 17  CASI vs Newman
08/07 00:30 17  Atl. Del Rosario vs Hindu Club
08/07 00:30 17  SIC vs Los Tilos
08/07 00:30 17  Buenos Aires vs Belgrano
08/07 00:30 17  San Luis v Pucara
08/14 00:30 18  Newman v San Luis
08/14 00:30 18  Cuba v CASI
08/14 00:30 18  Belgrano v Alumni
08/14 00:30 18  Los Tilos v Buenos Aires
08/14 00:30 18  Hindu Club v SIC
08/14 00:30 18  Regatas Bella Vista v Atl. Del Rosario
08/21 00:30 19  SIC v Regatas Bella Vista
08/21 00:30 19  Buenos Aires v Hindu Club
08/21 00:30 19  Alumni v Los Tilos
08/21 00:30 19  CASI v Belgrano
08/21 00:30 19  San Luis v Cuba
08/21 00:30 19  Pucara v Newman
08/28 00:30 20  Cuba v Pucara
08/28 00:30 20  Belgrano v San Luis
08/28 00:30 20  Los Tilos v CASI
08/28 00:30 20  Hindu Club v Alumni
08/28 00:30 20  Regatas Bella Vista v Buenos Aires
08/28 00:30 20  Atl. Del Rosario v SIC
09/04 00:30 21  Buenos Aires v Atl. Del Rosario
09/04 00:30 21  Alumni v Regatas Bella Vista
09/04 00:30 21  CASI v Hindu Club
09/04 00:30 21  San Luis v Los Tilos
09/04 00:30 21  Pucara v Belgrano
09/04 00:30 21  Newman v Cuba

It is the top division of the Argentine rugby league system. Created on 10 April 1899 by the “River Plate Rugby Union” (current Argentine Rugby Union – UAR), the Top 13 is the oldest rugby competition in South America and one of the oldest club competitions in the world.

Top 13 is one of the country’s two main club competitions, along with Torneo del Interior, where clubs from the rest of the Provinces of Argentina take part. The championship runs from March to October.

Despite being from the city of Rosario in Santa Fe Province, Atlético del Rosario has taken part of Top 12 as founding member of the UAR. The other clubs from Rosario compete in tournaments organised by the Rosario governing body.

The River Plate Rugby Union was established in Buenos Aires on 10 April 1899, being its founding members Buenos Aires, Belgrano, Lomas and Flores from Buenos Aires, and Rosario A.C. from Rosario. The first president of the body was Leslie Corry Smith.

That same year, the RPRU organised the first edition of the Buenos Aires’ inter-club competition, which inaugural winner team was Lomas. In 1931 the union name was translated into Spanish “Unión de Rugby del Río de la Plata”, that remained until 1951 when the union took the definitive “Unión Argentina de Rugby” (UAR).

The first trophy awarded to champions was acquired to British goldsmith Elkington & Son through their representatives in Argentina, C.R. Simons & Co., for a price of guinea 100. Built with Greek style, the trophy displayed a scene of a rugby match, with the legends “River Plate Rugby Union Championship” and “1899”. The cup was mounted on an ebony base with little silver badges, where the name of the champion would be engraved year-by-year. Most of the money for its acquisition came from the Rosario A.C. members.