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Top five: The best fan-run Australian rugby accounts on social media

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Rugby union (particularly in Australia) struggles to get the same social media presence as other sports.

There are hundreds of NRL and AFL fan-run accounts out there providing insight and the latest news to thousands more.

Accounts such as Clarkey’s RL Column have almost 100k followers. No fan-run Aussie Rugby account can compete with that!

Fan-run accounts increase engagement as well as help raise key issues surrounding the game. Some, especially in rrugby’s case, actually provide better news coverage than broadcaster and RA accounts as they are under legal obligations not to comment on drama.

So I felt obliged myself to promote some of these accounts that are providing the best coverage of Australian Rugby. Here are five fan-run Aussie rugby accounts you must follow! (I follow all these accounts so have no bias)

1. The Rugby Column (@therugbycolumn on Instagram and Twitter)

I’ve started with this account first as it is easily (as their bio says) “the most comprehensive Australian Rugby news coverage on Instagram”.

I follow this account personally and I learnt about Samu Kerevi’s injury a full six hours before some of my mates did!

(Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)

Every piece of news of national concern is covered on here and honestly I don’t think they’ve ever missed a beat.

They are the fastest growing account too, already up to almost 800 followers in 4 months, starting from scratch! Certainly, would recommend their Instagram over their Twitter as that’s where 90 percent of the action happens.

They also raise some issues and topics of interest to the Australian rugby community such as whether names on the back of jerseys should be introduced to promote player recognition and the way rugby promotes itself through commentary.

This page is a page I can not recommend highly enough and would recommend to any avid rugby fan on Instagram.

2. Pig Athletic Club (@pig_athletic_club on Instagram and @thepacshow on Twitter)

This is a wild change of pace to The Rugby Column with Pig Athletic Club being the centre for all your rugby laughs and is home to a podcast that regularly has former Wallabies and current stars on to give special opinion.

Their videos are the most relatable with a particular focus on club rugby and views into the millions across the world.

They are by far the largest fan-run rugby union account in Australia with more 23k followers on Instagram and regularly do collaborations with Stan Sport Rugby and RUGBYcomau, giving them unprecedented exposure to even launch their own clothing brand!

Pig Athletic Club is Rugby’s Bloke in a Bar and is most certainly worth a follow if you want belly laughs daily.

3. QLD GPS Rugby Centre (@qldgpsrugby on Instagram)

This page provides the follower with every moment across the QLD GPS Schoolboy season. The GPS competition is regarded as the top school competition in Queensland, with rugby nurseries such as Nudgee and Churchie competing annually for the title. It even has its own TV series on RugbyPass!

QLD GPS Rugby Centre gives exclusive insight into the talent on display weekly as well as highlights and results. With more than 5.6k followers, it is the place to be on Instagram for every schoolboy.

4. The Sports Booth (@thesportsbooth on Instagram)

The Sports Booth covers a large number of sports but puts a particular focus on Rugby Union, regularly releasing podcasts and videos on YouTube dissecting the latest action across the Southern Hemisphere.

While it does not provide the same up-to-date news as the first two on the list, The Sports Booth offers a more technical side that not many can match, as two mates (one kiwi and the other Aussie) quarrel over what they think about the current state of the game. Chuck them a follow and you won’t regret it!

5. Rugby Bloke (@rugbybloke on Instagram)

Smaller than the other accounts we’ve covered, Rugby Bloke is run by a fan in Sydney who loves his footy. The account provides Wallabies and key Super Rugby results as well as the latest signings from around the game.

The account does not post as often and can go a while without a post but certainly does not miss a beat in terms of NSW Waratahs signings and news!

So go and check these pages out and support the fan-run social media presence in the game to increase engagement and put rugby on people’s “Suggested” or “For You Page”. If you already follow these pages, recommend them to mates and help them grow, they are the lifeblood of the game on social media.

P.S. check to see if your Super Rugby team has a fan page and follow them if they do!

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