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Rugby League World Cup

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Rugby League World Cup to be postponed until 2022

The Rugby League World Cup will formally be delayed until the Next year following the withdrawal of forces to be reckoned with Australia and New Zealand.

Competition bosses had contemplated squeezing ahead without the two juggernauts, which would have passed on England as overpowering top picks to win the opposition on home soil.

But a decision has now been made to play the tournament at the end of next year instead, report Rugby League Live.

It comes after a series of emergency meetings between competition organisers and government officials where it was decided a postponement was the best course of action.

The news is expected to be confirmed later this week.

World Cup chief Jon Dutton accepted last week that the tournament had been left with only a 50% chance of taking place as scheduled following the bombshell from Down Under.

And the decision to postpone is understood to have been taken due to the impact of lost broadcast revenue among a host of other logistical issues.

Australia and New Zealand withdrew citing the health of their players as their primary concern amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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