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Dave Rennie’s men need to win the second test on August 14

the Wallabies insist the pressure remains on the All Blacks as they attempt to maintain their impressive record at Eden Park.
Dave Rennie’s men need to win the second test on August 14 to send the series to a decider at Optus Stadium on August 28, a ground where they have never lost.

However, a series of wins of their resistance will by and by be on the line this Saturday at Eden Park. The All Blacks have not lost at the ground since 1994 and haven’t been beaten by the Wallabies there since 1986. Prostitute Jordan Uelese accepts the possibility of being the group that closes the streak has set all the tension on their rivals after a precarious first game execution.

“In the event that anything the pressing factors on them. Nobody needs to be the principal All Blacks group to lose at Eden Park,” Uelese said on Monday.

“We’ve had a sample of the cauldron as they call it yet we take extraordinary trust in our exhibition.

“It was a scratchy presentation from the two sides yet ideally we’ll see a substantially more cleaned execution from the two groups and a superior showcase of rugby.”

This was echoed by Andrew Kellaway, who told Big Sports Breakfast that whilst their first taste of Eden Park was intimidating, it was helpful in playing down the ‘aura’ surrounding the ground ahead of the second Test.

“It is truly one of the greatest pressure cookers in sport but I think now having back-to-back Tests at Eden Park, I don’t think they’ve done that before, so it’s the best opportunity we’ve had since we had the chance to experience it and now there’s no excuse,” he said.

“…I think the cobwebs are out, so to speak. A couple of those boys have played the All Blacks for the first time, myself included and maybe the aura has worn off a little bit.

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